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Latino Artists in New Jersey


On Display at the Center for Latino Arts and Culture, 172 College Avenue, New Brunswick NJ

The artists represented in this collection include a number of Latino artists who have worked with Rutgers University and the Center for Latino Arts and Culture over the last twenty-five years. 

Artists featured include Inez Aponte, Janet Baldares, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Annalee Davis, Silvia Teresa Flota Reyes, Felipe Galindo, Noé Hernandez, Will Grant, Ezequiel Jimenez, Yolanda Lopez, Amalia Mesa Baines, Maria Mijares, Catalina Parra, Gloria Rodriguez Calero, Juan Sanchez, Armando Sosa, Bibiana Suarez, Felipe Ujpan Mendoza, Raúl Villarreal, and Karin Weyland.

These artists represent different creative approaches, styles and techniques. They also represent different national, ethnic and cultural traditions ranging from Barbados, Cuba, and Puerto Rico to Mexico, Guatemala and Spain. Some of them took degrees at Rutgers University or created work through a residency at the Brodsky Center for Innovative Print and Paper. Some are working New Jersey artists, while others are now living in other states and countries. Yet, each artist represents a range of themes that concern established and newcomer immigrant communities in our state and in our nation.

The Center for Latino Arts and Culture is honored by the artists’ donation of their work to our permanent collection and celebrates their contribution towards building a diverse, inclusive and thriving community at Rutgers University today.