Student Staff

CLAC Stand

We appreciate the excellent student staff who work with us for the 2021-2022 academic year thanks to the support of the Federal Work Study Program and Student Employment Office. The Center's work would not be possible without them. Gracias!

  • Alejandra Cruz
  • Alejandro Castellanos
  • Andrea Alvarado
  • Andrea Potesta-Oliva
  • Ashley Balbuena
  • Brianna Rios
  • Elisabeth Garcia
  • Estanli Mora-Vargas
  • Isabel Aldana
  • James Mickens
  • Janet Cazares
  • Jason Chaudhry
  • Jonelsy Gonzalez
  • Karla Escobar
  • Katelyn Rojas
  • Luis Rodriguez
  • Luisa Echeverry
  • Noelia Velez
  • Samantha Tamarez
  • Stephanie Quito
  • Vinicius De Almeida
  • Wesly Urena
  • Wilson Arroyo

If you’re interested in working with us please visit the Student Employment Office on the College Avenue Campus for more information.