There are two residentail options for students wishing to further linguistic and cultural interests.

Latin Images Special Interest Section
Frelinghuysen Hall
College Avenue Campus

This section was established in 1977 and dedicated to exploring Latin American Culture, developing multicultural awareness and supporting academic success. These are accomplished through academic and cultural programs, academic support and through an atmosphere conducive to studying and sharing and support for each other amongst section members.

For additional information, e-mail Delmy Lendof, Kohya Lu, or call 732-932-7209.

Casa Hispana
Jameson Hall
Douglass Campus

The Spanish House is a living-learning community that explores Hispanic language and cultures and is open to students who have a strong interest in Spanish and who have completed or placed into Spanish 131 or above.

The Spanish House provides students the opportunity to improve their language skills through immersion in daily foreign-language activities including speaking Spanish in the house on a regular basis, and exposure to Hispanic films, art, politics, music, and food. Student enroll in a 1.5 credit Spanish Cultural Experience course which is taught in residence and are required to take a three credit linked course, either in the fall or spring, in the Spanish department.

This learning experience is enhanced by the active presence of a native-speaking Learning Community Coordinator who teaches the house course and serves as a mentor to residents. Specialized programming, events, and travel opportunities designed to deepen students’ understanding of Hispanic cultures and language are offered each year.

To learn more about this community and the Global Village and to obtain a copy of the required application, click here. Questions related to the Global Village may be directed to the Douglass Office of Global Programs at 732-932.2900, ext. 103 or