Student organizations, faculty, and other members of the University community may reserve the use of the CLAC and its facilities, including conference room, parlor room and equipment, by filling out the form bellow.

There is no charge for usage of the CLAC and its facilities provided that:

  1. The program has been approved by the CLAC administrative staff.
  2. There is no CLAC sponsored activity already scheduled for the proposed date and time.
  3. There are no admission fees being charged for the event.

Please click here to view the CLAC Facilities Calendar and check if facilities are available for the day and time that you need them. Then fill out the Facility Request Form and submit it.

For any questions please contact the CLAC Secretary Carla Ortiz by email at

Due to the transition into our new building, these are the current reservation options until further notice.

If so, notification is needed two weeks in advanced of event

Identify two key individuals in your organization designated to have card entry access to the facility for this event:

I have read the Facility Use Policy and agree to abide by its rules. I also agree that any damages that may occur to the facility and equipment during our program are the responsibility of our organization. I further agree to be responsible for the actions of any persons allowed inside the CLAC during this reservation. In addition, we agree to clean up after the event and return all equipment and facilities in good working order. Failure to comply with this agreement will affect you organization's eligibility to book the facility in the future.