Palante Awards Nominations

We encourage the Latinx community to nominate CLAC Senior leaders for any of the awards below. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact

Exemplary Leadership Award
The student leader receiving this award is recognized for their leadership efforts within the Latinx community. They are exemplary for being innovative in the creation of programs that are inclusive, they are visible and intentional about co-sponsoring with organizations across councils. When you think of a leader, you think of them.
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Ultimate CLACer Award
The student leader receiving this award has a commitment to supporting CLAC and its mission and vision of supporting the broader Latinx community at Rutgers. This leader interacts with the facility on a constant basis and serves as an ambassador that welcomes and embraces the community and fearlessly invites and gathers new people who want to know more about our cultural center and community overall.
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Above and Beyond Award
This award is self explanatory, in that, the individual receiving it… lives, breathes and demonstrates leadership that goes beyond the call of duty. They are a “yes” person to those in need of their leadership assistance and truly understands that UNITY is at the core of their work. We invite you to contact the departments and programs directly to learn more about what they have to offer.
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Agent of Social Change Award
The student leader receiving this award is conscious of and prioritizes efforts around social change. They are purposeful, collaborative, and values-based with the intention of creating programs that result in a positive social change within themselves and their broader leadership community.
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Premio de Excelencia Artistica
The recipient of this award expresses their love and admiration for Latinx arts and culture. Through their artistic lens, they tell and share stories that cannot be defined by words. They see their world in color and make it their life purpose to uplift and affirm our role in the Latinx arts and culture community.
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Breaking Barriers Award
The student leader receiving this award acknowledges that something important is missing at Rutgers. They make it their goal to transform their student experience by breaking the barriers that keep us cylod as oppose to a collective campus community. The word that best describes this leader and award, is celebrating oneness.
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