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The mission of the Latino Alumni Association of Rutgers University (LAARU) is to serve as a voice for the Latino community, provide educational, vocational, and mentoring partnerships. We will foster cultural awareness and networking opportunities to undergraduate, graduate and alumni of Rutgers University.

Our vision is to serve as a resource to the Latino community at Rutgers and beyond

LAARU is a registered chartered alumni organization under the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) and operates as an independent alumni group. We partner with the Center for Latino Arts and Culture through a Memorandum of Understanding to better serve our community.

In 2010, LAARU established it’s award winning Mentoring Program where active alumni get paired with undergraduate students either in their major or industry of interest. To learn more information on how you can become involved with LAARU in general or through the mentoring program please fill out the mentor/mentee online application form.

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