Latino Student Council

The Latino Student Council (LSC) serves as a representative body of Latino organizations within the Rutgers University and/or any organization that will benefit and drive for the success of the Latino community at large.

It’s goals are:

  1. To increase the recruitment of Latinos at Rutgers University;
  2. To retain and graduate all Latinos at Rutgers University;
  3. To secure, expand and empower the Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies Department and the Latin American Studies Department;
  4. To promote the well-being of the Latino community and other communities university-wide through unified action.

Academic and Professional Groups
These organizations engage students around shared academic interests, career support and professional networking.
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Fraternities and Sororities
These Greek letter organizations engage students in academic success, community service and post-graduation professional networking.
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Culture and the Arts Groups
These organizations engage students around cultural identity and performing, visual and literary art forms.
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Living Learning Communities
Rutgers provides residential options for students wishing to further linguistic and cultural interests.
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Academic Units
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Community Partners
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Latino Alumni Association
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