The Center for Latino Arts and Culture’s (CLAC) mission is to research, document, interpret and promote Latino/a, Hispanic, Caribbean, and Latin American arts and culture.

The Center seeks to advance the appreciation and understanding of Latino/a artistic production, scholarship, and cultural traditions. We accomplish this through research, publications and presentation of artists’ productions and humanities scholarship.

Our activities emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of arts and culture, presenting arts and humanities programs university wide for faculty, students, staff, and the broader community beyond the University, all of which are designed to advance academic excellence, support Latino/a artists, further documentation of Latino/a scholarship and foster cross-cultural affiliations.


The Center for Latino Arts and Culture envisions a student-centered, learning community where students can better integrate experiential, academic and service learning about Latino arts and culture in order to become strong leaders and responsible global citizens.

We will advocate for the wellbeing of our students and work to create effective access to University services and resources. Through dynamic collaboration with other academic and student affairs units, the Center will work to enhance Latino student recruitment, retention and successful graduation at Rutgers University.